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From Classic to Contempory Designs Featuring Artful Customization
Whether you have an original idea or have found one on the web, I will work with you to customize a workable solution to fit your needs.  Over 90% of our work is customer specific to size, finish, and durability.
  1. Free Standing Cabinets
    Free Standing Cabinets
    Two custom made cabinets to match the new kitchen cabinetry. The tops are made of laminated pine and stained to match floor then lacquered semi-gloss. The top drawer is self closing and interior drawer is stained and lacquered for both style and durability. approx. size: 42"H x 34"W x 28"D
  2. Laundry Room Builtin
    Laundry Room Builtin
    Builtin has three sections to individualize for hanging coats or bookbags with matching storage below for shoes and boots. Bench top is painted to match cabinets and coated with cabinet grade acrylic paint. Tall shelving to left was built to accommodate custom wire baskets and top shelf system is constructed and installed to allow heavy items to be stored ie..water bottle cases.
  3. Free standing cabinet w/ matching mirror frames
    Free standing cabinet w/ matching mirror frames
    Customer had existing double sink unit w/ matching mirror. requested storage unit in middle and frame in exposed mirror on left and right and also accommodate to new light fixtures which covered damaged drywall from old lighting. Unit is secured to wall for safety and frame is glued to mirror. Finish is chalk paint w/ rubbed wax. The vanity was finished with same chalk paint procedure and existing hardware was painted to match sink fixture color/style.
Cabinent Refinishing:   Current Pic# kitchen is completely brand new and installation is about 85% finished.  Client had custom cabinets made and upon delivery, they were unsatisfactory in every category from finish, construction, to wrong size. Several drawers and doors did not fit correctly and hardware was missing.  We were contracted to REPAINT, repair, fix, and/ or reconstruct in order to salvage the existing materials to meet move-in deadline and coordinate existing schedule of contractors.  House was a complete remodel from purchase to closing.  All Cabinetry and Island was completely refinished and repaired inside and out.

Staircase Finish and Refinishing

Refinishing Staircases in occupied homes can be very challenging and time consuming.  The home D.I.Y'r may be intimidated by what all is involved and in most cases the job is either never attempted or not completed correctly giving an unfinished and/or undesirerable appearance.  Our articulate approach to this specific type of job ensures a professional, durable, and factory like finish.  Preparation is paramount to acheiving a virtually flawless result.  Whether the job scope requires stripping with chemicals, sanding with power tools, to spraying finishes; you can be confident we will prepare your home for these necessary and invasive techniques.  
  1.  +100 yr. old Staircase Refinish
    +100 yr. old Staircase Refinish
  2. Grand Staircase Refinish (pine)
    Grand Staircase Refinish (pine)
  3. Attic addition - New Staircase Finish
    Attic addition - New Staircase Finish
  4. 1920's circa Staircase
    1920's circa Staircase
Builtins - Halltrees - Mudrooms
An empty and / or unfinished space in a laundry room, garage door area, next to a fireplace, living room area, or Foyer (just to name a few) can become an unorganized mess.  The addition of children and all thier individual personal items including bookbags, sports accessories, shoes, jackets, and overall STUFF, makes these areas a magnet for disorganization and overall chaos.  A solution to organization and visual appeal is to include some type of shelving or storage compartments.  Whether permanent or freestanding, we can design and construct a manageable system to fit your style, needs, and budget.
MudRoom : (Back Porch)
The Customer had a rough idea for this mudroom and it all started with a sketch left for me in the unfinished room.  I took the room measurements and was given creative license as long as I incoporated shoe storage compartments, a bench, and an area to hang coats.  The space was small appox. 5' x 5' with two doors and a window.  As you can see from the video and pics I decided on a tall cabinent on the end behind door with minimum 7 adjustable shelves for shoe storage a bench top with open storage below the window.  The adjacent wall has an upper cabinent with three open shelves and hidden lighting underneath for the beadboard wall and coat hooks.  Below the coat hanging wall is a funtional bench top with enclosed storage to match the three upper shelves.  The bench tops and adjustable shelves are stained and laquered to match woodwork in the house.  The remaining builtin is painted semi-gloss white and trimmed out with crown moulding at tops of cabinets.  
Garage Builtin:
Customer purchased a used  set of lockers and asked me to refinish and build a storage system to include two upper shelves in a corner which could accommodate four spaces each and a stained bench top with individual storage compartments.  The open space from upper shelf to lower bench is beadboard and trimmed out to include coat rack sections.



Laundry Room Builtin:
     This unit is two-tone in color (lt. grey with white) & the hinges, handles , and hooks are satin nickel.  The main unit is above washer and dryer with three closed upper shelves and two larger open shelves below to accomodate large detergent containers.  The adjacent cabinent is across from the main and is smaller with two open compartments and a clothes rack built into the corbels below.  Both units are trimmed out with crown moulding at the top and a beadboard panelled wall below.

Laundry Room Builtin:
Customer required the tall cabinet accommodate hanging brooms and mops with a single top shelf.  The bench top is stained to match the wood floor throughout rest of house.  Bench top is laminated pine and finished with semi-gloss lacquer. Cabinets and trim are finished in Sherwin Williams Base coat white - Pro-Classic Semi-Gloss to match existing woodwork in house.
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Three Light Accent Piece

Kitchen was a complete remodel and a decision was made after new lights outlets were installed to shift the island counter top, therefore; changing the center and alignment of all three hanging lights.  I was able to accomodate the new light locations by custom making this wooden accent piece.  In addition the ceiling revealed where an existing wall was prior to the new project.  Unfortunately the repair was still noticeable and this light piece was able to hide the flaw.  The piece was stained and laquered to match bench and freestanding cabinet tops.

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  1. Garage Builtin
    Garage Builtin
  2. Bench Top for Builtin
    Bench Top for Builtin
  3. Top Shelf - prior to finish
    Top Shelf - prior to finish
  4. Builtin - garage space before
    Builtin - garage space before